The Greystone is housed in the former Park Hotel, built circa 1880.  The Park Hotel replaced The Great Northwestern Hotel that was destroyed by fire in 1871.

There are only two other buildings like it in the country, one in Chicago, the other in New York City.

The hotel operated until the mid 1970ís, although the last few years it became more of a ďflop houseĒ.

The main dining room of The Greystone was used as a speakeasy and gambling hall during Prohibition.

In the mid 1950ís a barbershop opened in half of what is now the dining room.

It remained in operation until the hotel closed.

The hotel was purchased by a local business man and renovated in the 1990ís. Due to structural problems only one third of the building could be saved. The remaining section was preserved and restored and in 2000, The Greystone opened to the public.

Much of the original hotel is still represented in the restaurant today. The field stone walls of the bar and main dining room, The marble floors of the dining room and lobby.  The original woodwork was restored in the Lobby as well.

The restaurant was sold in 2004 to itís current owner,

Executive Chef Jerry Labooty.